Old and young carbon – a clock made in the universe

The ATHENA Talks of the Athena European University continue this Friday with a contribution from ETH Zurich. Dr. Irena Hajdas from the Ion Beam Physics Laboratory will discuss the topic of ‘Old and young carbon: a clock made in the universe’ with us.
This colloquial talk will start at 1200 CET in Zoom this Friday, 24th of May 2024. To receive the Zoom link, please register here:

Business – academia resilience to tackle the Ukrainian War

The ATHENA/IMPACT Talks on peace and stability will continue this Thursday, May 23rd, at 1500 CET. We welcome Dr. Kateryna Boichenko from W2L, who will discuss ‘Business-Academia Resilience to Tackle the Ukrainian War.’ For those you have missed the last lecture, please check it here:

To join the talk, please register using the Registration Form link.

AI in Science and Research

Artificial Intelligence (AI) profoundly transforms science and research by enabling faster, more accurate analysis of complex data sets. AI techniques like machine learning and deep learning are applied across various fields, from genomics and neuroscience to climate science and physics, to uncover patterns and insights beyond human capability. AI accelerates hypothesis generation, enhances predictive modeling, and facilitates novel discoveries. Moreover, AI-driven tools optimize research methodologies, leading to more efficient experimental designs and data collection and analysis automation. This revolution fosters a new era of innovation and knowledge expansion in scientific research.
We will discuss this with Dr. Kamil Filipek in this week’s ATHENA Talks of the Athena European University on May 17th, 2024, at 1200 CET. Registration: