Joint Programmes

Joint degree programmes

Double Degree Programmes

A Double Degree Programme (DDP) is an educational programme in which a student can earn two different degrees at the same time, typically from two different institutions. This programme is designed to provide students with a broader range of skills and knowledge, as well as to enhance their career opportunities. Students who pursue a DDP usually have to complete more coursework and meet additional requirements compared to those who pursue a single degree programme. However, the rewards of a DDP can be significant, as graduates are often highly sought after by employers due to their diverse skill sets and educational backgrounds.

Bachelor in Language, Communication and Economics in Europe (UORLEANS & USIEGEN)

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Master of Mechanical Engineering (VILNIUS TECH & IPP)

Joint Degree Programmes

A Joint Degree Programme (JDP) is an educational programme in which a student can earn a single degree that is awarded jointly by two or more institutions. In such a programme, the participating institutions collaborate to offer a curriculum that provides students with a unique educational experience. Unlike a Double Degree Programme, where a student earns two separate degrees, in a JDP, the student earns a single degree that is recognised by all the participating institutions. Joint Degree Programmes are typically designed to offer students a more specialised education, combining the strengths of each institution involved in the programme. The curriculum, requirements, and duration of the programme can vary depending on the institutions involved and the specific programme. Graduates of a Joint Degree Programme are often well-equipped to pursue careers in a wide range of fields, with a unique blend of knowledge and skills that sets them apart from other graduates.



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  • Erasmus Mundus Design Measures (EMDM) for Geotechnical Infrastructures (UORL & IPP…) – Application approved
  • EMDM Master in Digitalisation and Gender (UVIGO, USALENTO, Vlora and 2 non-ATHENA partners…) – Application submitted
  • EMDM International Master in Intertwined Humanities and Technology (UVIGO, VILNIUS TECH, HMU, UMCS and 2 non-ATHENA partners) – Application submitted
  • JEMSHI Speech-Language and Hearing Sciences’ Innovation (UMaribor & IPP….) – Application submitted

European Master on Embedded Intelligence Nanosystems Engineering (EMINENT)

International students in front of the EMINENT logo

What is an Erasmus Mundus Master’s Degree? 

Erasmus Mundus Master’s Degrees are prestigious international study programmes that are designed to provide students with an outstanding education to enhance their career prospects in a chosen field. They are funded by the European Commission and offer scholarships to students from around the world to study at multiple universities in different countries of Europe.

Presentation: EMINENT offers advanced training from the nanoscale fabrication of devices and materials, including advanced sensoric and machine-learning components, up to macroscale intelligent systems and IoT interconnected devices in the information, sensing, and energy application areas.

Partner institutions: University of Siegen (Germany), Hellenic Mediterranean University (Greece), VILNIUS TECH (Lithuania), University of Orléans (France), Nova University Lisbon (Portugal)

Application: Apply by 12 April 2024 for the 2024-2026 programme

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