Career Service

Career Service

The ATHENA Career Service offers seminars, workshops, trainings, individual career advice, and coaching to help finding one’s way in the world of work. We support students in developing their individual career goals and matching their skills to the market’s needs. Subjects of our seminars and trainings are e.g., techniques to write a convincing CV, strategies for a successful job search, and practical training to be well prepared for the job interview. We also organise presentations with professionals from various industries to give students insights into different fields of work.

ATHENA Career Talks

We are happy to announce the first edition of the ATHENA Career Talks! Each Monday and Wednesday at 5 pm CET, renowned experts from industry, academia, and other European institutions reveal the soft skills that are in high demand on the international labour market. The talks include topics such as:

  • Employability Skills & You
  • Career in the new Employment World
  • Career Management: Getting to the top

A detailed programme with all topics and speakers is available on the website of the ATHENA Soft & Research Skills Academy. To join the talks, please sign up via the registration link.

The ATHENA Career talks are organised as a part of the International Week 2023 in Chania, Greece. Yet, it is also possible to follow the talks without participating in the International Week in person.

Past events

The first ATHENA Career Event took place on 19 October 2022 from 9 to 11.45 am CEST. Students and PhD-students from IT and engineering had the opportunity to get in touch with companies and networking institutions linked to the labour market in the ATHENA partners’ countries. The following companies and institutions participated in the ATHENA Career Event 2022: