R&I Roadmap – Shared Resources Directory

R&I Roadmap – Shared Resources Directory

The R&I Roadmap refers to the state-of-the-art presentation of the research capabilities of ATHENA partners and demonstrates the possibilities for cooperation in the alliance. The R&I roadmap enables the coordination of different research stakeholders toward achieving common goals and advancing scientific efforts.

Shared Resources Directory (ShRD)

For this purpose, a Shared Resources Directory (ShRD) was created. It presents an excerpt of research challenges and opportunities in the ATHENA alliance and further.

Link: Shared Resources Directory (internal use only).

As a preliminary step for developing ATHENA Cooperation Model for R&D, the partnership identified common R&I fields and topics with the potential to achieve substantial progress through cooperation within the alliance.  The compendium of R&I fields enables the partnership to pinpoint cooperation opportunities, serving as focus areas for implementing support services within the Cooperation Model for R&D.

Calls for Projects

A list of open calls and funding opportunities is prepared twice per month and internally shared among the ATHENA partners. The aim is to encourage partners to submit joint projects and, in doing so, to strengthen R&I cooperation among ATHENA Partners

As a part of the Shared Resources Directory (ShRD), the web application includes the “ATHENA Joint R&I Projects” list that aims to collect joint projects of the ATHENA alliance partners. In this way, an overview of the facilitation of joint research projects in the ATHENA alliance is possible.