Praxis Internships

PRAXIS Internships

The PRAXIS network, co-established by six ATHENA member universities, is the ‘Virtual Market’ where students and companies, research labs, and HEIs meet to find internships and advertise planned projects.

PRAXIS aims to improve students’ employability and soft skills by deepening the link with industry and research.

While developing and facilitating PRAXIS’ platform further, ATHENA is inviting students to explore internships and R&D projects available. Registered students can search through PRAXIS for offers from all over Europe and beyond, including the ones offered within the framework of the ATHENA European University.  

So far, more than 140 partners have joined the PRAXIS network. Learn more about it on

"Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors. These challenges made me grew up a lot."
Sérgio Batista (Portugal)
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"Don't be afraid to face new things, that might be a start of something pretty awesome!"
Milda (Lithuania)
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"A great project, which improved not only my technical skills, but also gave me a lot of cultural and social experience."
Nathan (Belgium)
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