Research Infrastructures

Research Infrastructures

The ATHENA partners use, maintain, and share a variety of research infrastructures. In this webpage, infrastructures, ready to be shared between ATHENA partner institutions, are emphasised. The protocols of shared use are specific to each partner. However, the ATHENA Research Board has already started the joint approach to open the use of research infrastructures at the level of ATHENA.

This web page offers an overview of ATHENA research infrastructures; the formal repository and further specifications are available within ATHENA Shared Resources Directory (managed access).

Infrastructure at the University of Maribor

University of Maribor (UM) offers an online environment for research infrastructure that provides a comprehensive database of the research infrastructure of the UM and shares it among researchers, research groups and research organisations in accordance with the principles of open access to public research infrastructure. UM aims to promote cooperation between users from academic and economic environments and transfer scientific and artistic achievements into the environment.

Following are most notable research infrastructure entities at the University of Maribor.

Vega supercomputer

Commissioned as the primary supercomputer system of the Slovenian national research infrastructures upgrade project “HPC RIVR” and delivered as the first of eight peta and pre-exa-scale EuroHPC Joint Undertaking systems hosted at the Institute of Information Science – IZUM at the University of Maribor, it increases the computing capacity in Slovenia and the European Union as a whole and helps researchers as well as other users in the public and private sector. Overall technical information on HPC Vega is available here

Infrastructure at the University of Vigo

CACTI Center

The objective of the CACTI (Center for Scientific and Technological Support to Research) is the centralised acquisition, management and use of large scientific equipment with the aim of providing scientific and technological support both to members of the University Community and to Public Research Organisations, at the national and international levels, and private entities in our environment.

The CACTI covers the most important scientific research services: Structural Determination, Proteomics and Xenomics, Nanotechnology and Surface Analysis, Electron Microscopy, Sustainable Development and Food Safety (in Vigo and Ourense Campuses), Remote Sensing, Machining Workshop and Electronics and Calibration Workshop.