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Staff mobility

In ATHENA, mobility opportunities are not limited to students, staff can also benefit from these opportunities. Staff training through ATHENA is a great way to internationalise your career and meet fellow colleagues from partner universities. 

Job shadowing

With Erasmus+ and within the ATHENA alliance, staff have access to training opportunities which can be in the form of job shadowing. As a staff member of a Higher Education Institution (HEI), you can visit another HEI and “shadow” someone that has a similar role to yours and share best practices. 

You are a staff member and want to go job shadowing at an ATHENA university? Read the testimonies below for an insight :

Home University: Vilnius Tech (Lithuania) 
Host University: University of Orléans (France)
Duration: 2 days

What has your experience been like? 

I had a great opportunity to meet colleagues and discuss topics such as the assessment of students’ personal needs, gain more knowledge on adjusting studies, and learn how to organize leisure events for students with disabilities. In addition, to see equipment for students with disabilities and to learn the topic of architectural barriers and how to remove them and make the university more accessible. 

What were the most exciting moments of your visit?

I met many colleagues who have very rich experience dealing with students with disabilities. I learned new ways to solve some practical problems. Additionally, I have the opportunity to meet students and see how inclusiveness works in reality. 

Home institution: University of Orléans (France)
Host institution: University of Siegen (Germany)
Duration: 3 weeks

What were the main goals of your visit? 

Exchange of good practices (E+ projects, students in exile), meeting colleagues in the same field as me to exchange on their work methodology, meeting colleagues involved in our Double Degree in Applied Languages, and meet colleagues from the Language Centre of the IRO to name a few.  

Your experience in a nutshell: 

I am more than happy to have carried out this mobility. I want to thank the DAAD for making this stay possible. My thanks also extend to all the staff of the University of Siegen who made me feel extremely welcome. I was able to meet many colleagues and exchange with many people whether in the field of the International Relations or ATHENA. 

International Staff Week

As a staff member of an ATHENA university, you have access to all the staff weeks organised by partner universities. Staff weeks are week-long training session on a specific topic : Human Resources, International Relations, English proficiency, Research and development, etc. 

To see a full list of upcoming staff weeks, please follow this link.

  • Content : The University of Maribor is very keen to keep our great cooperation and even strengthen it in these challenging times and over the coming years. The programme aims to strengthen ties with current partners and extend these ties to new partnerships outside Europe in order to discuss and embrace the global challenges under the framework of the current Erasmus+ programme in its different dimensions. Our goal is to bring together experts and coordinators from International Offices in order to strengthen our existing networks, create new contacts and exchange ideas in the field of the Erasmus+ programme.
  • Where : University of Maribor, Slovenia
  • When : 5-9 June 2023
  • Registation : before May 15th here
  • More info : here

Blended Intensive Programme

Blended Intensive Programmes (also known as BIPs) are innovative initiatives for students and staff training that combine a short-term physical mobility and virtual collaboration.  The duration of the physical component lasts 5 to 30 days and the virtual component does not have a time limit. 

List of the upcoming BIPs for staff:

  • Content: Presentation of the Slovene library and information system and introduction of the
    University of Maribor Library services, user education and information literacy courses, open science, LibGuides, digital library DKUM, UM:NIK university browser, ADZ – Academic digital collection of Slovenia, repository, digitalisation, special collections and other specific librarianship topics. A visit to a faculty library and social programme with a focus on cultural heritage will also be organised.
    Participants are expected to give presentations about their home libraries in the online sessions mentioned above.
  • Virtual Mobility: 8 May-12 May 2023
  • Physical Mobility: 29 May-2 June 2023
  • Where: University of Maribor, Slovenia
  • Application: here.

List of the past BIPs:

  • Physical mobility: 20-24 March 2023
  • Virtual mobility: 9 March 2023
  • Where: Vilnius Tech (Lithuania)

To get more info on how this BIP went, click here.  

Erasmus+ staff mobility for teaching and training

Through Erasmus+ and with ATHENA, you can train in a higher education institution from a period of 2 days to 2 months. 


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