ATHENA Grant Office

ATHENA Grant and Support Office

The ATHENA Grant and Support Office (AGSO) is a specialized entity established to enhance the caliber, scope, and external fiscal contributions to the expanding research and innovation endeavors under the ATHENA umbrella. This office represents a collaborative initiative between existing grant and support offices from ATHENA-affiliated institutions, working synergistically to:

(a) Aggregate and disseminate information concerning the European Union and other funding opportunities that align with the collective interests of ATHENA affiliates. A mutual interest is delineated when at least two ATHENA-affiliated entities express a converging capability, expertise, and inclination to partake.
(b) Foster networking opportunities among the earmarked projects.
(c) Provide expertise in drafting and refining research proposals.
(d) Catalog the jointly interested projects in the ATHENA Shared Resources Directory (SRD) – specifically within module F3 designated as ATHENA Joint Projects. This also encompasses updating the project’s status descriptors, which are: (1) under development, (2) formally submitted, (3) sanctioned for financial backing, and (4) either discarded or not approved for funding.

For a comprehensive overview of the AGSO, press here.