7 reasons to spend your mobility at ATHENA European University

ATHENA offers you plenty of opportunities to make friends for a lifetime. We implement a buddy system providing you with a reliable and understanding support by a fellow student from the home university, who will support you in your everyday student life challenges.

Slogan: “Not once in a lifetime, but your life in one time”

University life at our Campus is a great experience: each day students can enjoy a lively university environment of study periods, lectures, conferences, extra-curricular activities, as well as interpersonal contacts with teachers and other students that allow them to widen their personal, cultural and professional horizons.

Your stay at ATHENA European University within the safe environment enabling you to make your own choices and taking decisions on the extensive academic offer enables you to cross your own limits and borders in an unimaginable way. Watch your fellows taking the opportunity and giving their impressions to you on the videos/reports below. At ATHENA, your personality will flourish and you really can become a responsible and independent global citizen, as you will live in a truly international community not only of fellows from the host institution, but also fellow students from all over the world.

If you wish to contribute to the wellbeing of your society, we offer you plenty of selection for social activities as a Volunteer.

Feel the pulse of cultural diversity in one place. Take the unique opportunity to learn a new language or more by the side. Be among tolerant and understanding people and make your stay a cosy experience with mind-blasting events.

ATHENA is a lot of fun, but also a serious provider of job opportunities as you study. Boost your career in using the chance to visit our career days, where you might meet your future employer. Start your future by selecting a placement to make yourself standout from other fellow students and make a difference. Participate in the various networking events and locations by choosing the right offer for you independently and voluntarily – nothing must, everything can!

Explore the world together with ATHENA European University. See by yourself!

Sure, you are here to study, but take your time and live. Pack your bag and see the world. Later, it might be too late.

Feel ATHENA pride with your fellow ATHENA students.

And, if you feel too occupied – take the train and participate in ATHENA’s virtual mobility!

ATHENA stands for diversity and equal opportunities. We fight all kinds of discrimination, be it due to nationality, race, belief, gender, age, handicap or any other sort of diversity. We embrace diversity and invite you to come as you are and make the experience of hygge.

The word networking does not even closely describe the connections for life that you may enter in ATHENA European University. Become a member of the ATHENA Alumni Club, visit our job fairs, participate in sports events and leisure time offers and be the one and only ATHENA global student.

Past networking events

ATHENA Mobility Fair

This event allowed students to attend an online Fair where they could gather information on the different types of mobility availble within ATHENA, PhD opportunities, testimonials, or even on support services in each of the partners of ATHENA.
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Creation of ESN ATHENA Federation

In November, 2022, ATHENA established the ATHENA ESN (Erasmus Student Network) Board, the first ESN body among the European university alliances. The main aim of the ESN is to increase internationalization and integration between students at ATHENA European University. ESN aligned with ATHENA has the potential of making the biggest student body ever existed. 
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“Not once in a lifetime, but your life in one time”

This map represents all the common international partnerships between two or more ATHENA members

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