The Math’s of 21st Century

In collaboration with the International Relations Office of the  – Hellenic Mediterranean University, Athena European University is very happy to announce a series of colloquial talks on how to teach mathematics. The main objective of this action is to monitor the new trends in teaching mathematics, a topic of high priority, by inviting experts in the field all over the world.

All the confirmed speakers until now can be viewed here:

If you wish to contribute with a speaker or to propose a speaker from your Institution or your network, please contact Associate Professor Petridis Konstantinos (head of the ATHENA Observatory). In case you wish to follow this series of talks that will start in October 2022, please register here:

Please do not hesitate to disseminate the action to your staff members and researchers.

On behalf of the ATHENA
Associate Professor Konstantinos Petridis.
Copy of Copia de PYTHAGORAS poster
Copy of Copia de PYTHAGORAS poster