Global Case Study Challenge


Global Case Study Challenge (GCSC) is an innovative, high-impact career-oriented teaching and learning virtual exchange (VE) project, providing educators and students with invaluable experience in intercultural, international and virtual interaction. Focusing on intercultural, digital communication and sustainability competencies, this virtual exchange program showcases how new virtual models of teaching and learning within real-world contexts can support the development of new global and future-oriented work competencies.

Educators are the ones who sign up and then join with their students. The educators will then have an onboarding meeting with the GCSC organisation team. More information here, here and here.


The program spans over an 8-week period, between October and early December. Interested educators can register here. Deadline for registration: 30 June.

Challenge deadlines:

Why apply?

Over the two months of the GCSC program student:

Develop intercultural competencies: the ability to understand and manage intercultural information in the virtual space; demonstrate cultural empathy, i.e. understanding ideas, values, and cognitive patterns from different cultural environments;

Develop digital communication competencies: demonstrate digital skills in the virtual environment; use tools, communicate effectively, and collaborate with other team members in the virtual space.

Practice digital management and leadership skills: Hone organizational and leadership skills for team and project management in a multicultural environment (virtual teamwork/virtual project management);

Learn about SDGs: Raise awareness about sustainability within different national realities and increase understanding of the role sustainable development goals play in an organizational context, and their wider impact on society.