ATHENA students at Summer School “Mastering Music Video Creation”


Throughout the entire previous week, the Creativity and Innovation Centre “LinkMenų fabrikas” at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VILNIUS TECH) reverberated with the sounds of music. The primary objective of the International Summer School of Sound and Vision, titled “Mastering Music Video Creation,” was for participants to produce live performance videos and recordings for music groups. The summer school attendees recorded songs and filmed performances for four talented young music groups from Lithuania. Notably, among other international students, the event attracted students from the ATHENA European university alliance, including Hellenic Mediterranean University in Greece and the Polytechnic Institute of Porto in Portugal.

The concept behind 

The summer school’s concept is unique – foreign university students formed interdisciplinary teams and not only acquired skills in sound, lighting, filming, and editing but also had the opportunity to collaborate with young Lithuanian music creators. Together, they analyzed songs, carried out recording sessions, and edited captivating music videos.

This experience not only enriched the students themselves but also benefited the live-performing groups. These groups actively participated in the learning process, sharing their knowledge and talent in exchange for the creation of a final musical product.

Immersive students work with Lithuanian music bands

The summer school was conducted in a hybrid format. The first week took place remotely, while during the second week, the students gathered in person at VILNIUS TECH’s “LinkMenų fabrikas.” In the initial week, participants attended lectures, engaged in practical workshops, familiarized themselves with the music groups and their compositions, and developed technical plans for live performance filming and sound recording. These plans were then presented to the performers.

Upon their arrival in Vilnius, the students were immersed in intensive work. They captured live performances, recorded the groups’ songs, and meticulously edited audio and video recordings. The culmination of the two-week training was a final project event, during which the students showcased their completed works while the music groups shared their impressions and feedback.

It is worth noting that this summer school was implemented in the Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Programme (BIP) mode.