ATHENA at the European Universities Coordinators meeting


The European Universities Coordinators meeting was held on March 6th in Brussels, where coordinators of University Alliances were gathered to discuss various topics related to the development of the Alliances and emerging issues.

The meeting was attended by representatives of 44 European University Alliances, including the delegation representing the ATHENA European university, led by the Alliance coordinator Prof. Nuno Escudeiro and the Alliance Secretary General – Dr Konstantinos Petridis.

The ATHENA European Alliance was presented during the executive board meeting. Later on, representatives of the ATHENA alliance had an opportunity to listen to European Universities’ progress and future plans.

With the participation of 300 higher education institutions, the European University alliances are collaborating to establish a new horizon for education. The meeting covered policy developments, monitoring framework, investment pathway, communication activities, and closer cooperation among alliances and their ecosystems. Attendees highly valued the opportunity to exchange experiences, ideas, and challenges with other Alliances and the European Commission.

The meeting also saw the creation of a group of representatives of communication and dissemination of the Alliances, who are currently working on joint publications. The Alliances intend to continue with this initiative as a deep transformation beyond a mere project.