1. Innovation ecosystems

ATHENA enhances collaboration between Higher Education, businesses, and society at each of its seven partner institutions.

Effective regional partnership networks create added value for all stakeholders, thus strengthening our local communities. We create opportunities to connect and interact at an international level and contribute to shaping a strong Europe. Supported by regional partners, we actively share innovations and research results with industry and society. We nurture links to local communities through engaging in joint research projects, addressing societal and environmental challenges, and creating an innovation ecosystem for effective knowledge transfer. 

2. Project-based learning

ATHENA uses the project-based educational approach, presenting students with a complex real-world problem or question that has multiple solutions and possibilities for exploration.

Students develop their own problem-solving strategy to eventually come up with an artifact or product which can be presented to a public audience. Together with our R&D challenges, project-based learning (PBL) is a useful and at the same time long lasting tool to develop entrepreneurial key competences such as critical thinking, understanding of content, teamwork, and rhetoric skills. 

3. Lifelong learning

ATHENA supports the approach that learning and the will to learn has relevance at every age and stage of life.

Our Lifelong Learning approach takes care of society in a holistic way and focusses on the changing and growing demands of the labour market. Therefore, we also provide a range of offers for employees. Regarding advanced (vocational) training, specific skills and knowledge can be acquired through micro-credentials and certificates.

4. Joint research projects

By setting up a cooperation model for R&D, ATHENA brings together researchers from different disciplines and countries.

Thereby, we enhance knowledge-exchange in international research teams and grant an optimal use of existing resources at all partner institutions. The alliance is committed to tackling global challenges, offering the best possible support for young researchers, and providing an effective knowledge transfer to industry and society.

5. Career service

The ATHENA Career Service offers seminars, workshops, trainings, individual career advice, and coaching to help finding one’s way in the world of work.

We support students in developing their individual career goals and matching their skills to the market’s needs. Subjects of our seminars and trainings are e.g., techniques to write a convincing CV, strategies for a successful job search, and practical training to be well prepared for the job interview. We also organize presentations with professionals from various industries to give students insights into different fields of work.

6. Praxis

The PRAXIS network aims to improve students’ employability and soft skills by deepening the link with industry and research.

On a ‘Virtual Market’ companies, research labs and HEIs can offer internships and advertise planned projects. Registered students can search through PRAXIS for offers from all over Europe – and beyond. The PRAXIS network includes more than 140 partners. 

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